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I am proud to present Ball 3 Release Candidat 1. It has stuff from Ball2, even Ball1 (Which I never found). This Candidat or a PreRelease is a huge sneek-peek into the Game. It has some bugs, but it runs.

Some features:

  • NEW! Language Support. Kinda buggy, but it runs and support 2 languages at the moment (Lv and En)
  • Customisable ball. WARNING! It's not in this version, but there is some stuff already done in that.
  • 4 levels. I know that not much, but I will make more.
  • In total 15 levels. 4 new and 11 old.

The game is looking more finished.

This games was BETA-TESTED by DilansK

Link: The ball 3 RC 1


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