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Ps. You better write message to The DaXCO's mailbox, cause I get Tons of Spam every day.  (About 15 mails a day)


About Us and current staff

DaX or ciba43. Its me. I like to play games and ofcourse make them. I currently have made a game called Bumba (Ball) and Bumba 2 (Ball2). I make games using 3D engines like GoldSrc. Also know some basics about Source.
Status:  Director, Creator, or just The Person behind this
Is Making:  Ball3, Testing Facility, Project Zombie...

Gogle111 or didodo. The brainz behind DaXCo. He is making some small minigames or just doing DaXCo administration stuff all day. He also likes PewDiePie.
Status:  Admin, Co-Creator, great ideas
Is making:  cool minigames / DaXCo administration

gatios or gatios. Well, he is very good at drawing pics, so he is usually found behind his table doing Photoshop (sometimes even paint) stuff. Also, he hasn't registered here. Ask everything me.
Status:  pic/texture artist.
Supposed to be making:  DaXCo Logo

Atios. He is Gatios's brother. He is very good at ideas and he is working on some 'secret' project.
Status:  game designer
Is making:  some 'secret' project

TheWoxyz or gamesatemycereal. What can I say? He makes things using Unity3D engine. He just knows how to make things work in JavaScript. Great ideas and some great drawing skill best describes him. He also draws some minor things like chairs in-game. And he has a Youtube channel.
Status:  game designer
Is making:  some 'secret' project


DilansK He mostly tests our games, makes Minecraft maps and gives some great ideas to us.

Is testing: Ball3 Pre release, testfac

Is making: Minecraft Prison Escape